A Pleasant Rarity.

I’m no coffee connoisseur but I do appreciate a good cup of coffee every now and then. Okay, I’m lying. I enjoy coffee, everyday. Having been to different cafés’, mamaks, restaurants and bars, I’ve tried a whole load of coffee ranging from extreme bitterness to soothingly mild. One place, however, keeps me coming back for more. Coffea coffee, where have you been all my life! Here’s the thing, having good coffee is great and all but to be served by great baristas is always an added advantage. Customer service in Malaysia, as we all know is crap and that is me putting it lightly, and once in a while it’s like a breeze of fresh air when I occasionally come across really good service. It just makes my coffee (or whatever I’m having) taste much better.

In the last year, I can only think of two places that I’ve been to which offered not only great food or drinks, but great service as well. One being Coffea Coffee and the other being Brass Monkey in Kota Kinabalu. My boyfriend and I decided to try out the latter as a friend suggested it to us. Food? Good. Ambience? Good. Service? Top notch! The waiters were so friendly and warm. My boyfriend ran out of cigarettes and this restaurant does not sell cigarettes, the waiter volunteered to grab a box for him. Yeah, what’s the big deal in that right? But here’s the shocker, a box costs RM12 and Jonathan passed RM15 to the waiter with the intention of tipping the guy with the balance. However, the waiter comes back to the table with box of cigarettes in hand and hands Jonathan the change, Jonathan naturally tells him to keep it, and he refused to take it.

I know there are places where employees are not allowed to be tipped like this, but this waiter was all smiley and returned Jonathan’s thanks with a ‘it’s my pleasure sir, don’t worry’ and I can tell if someone isn’t being sincere. We returned to Brass Monkey for a meal again soon after only to have a better dining experience the second time. All the servers are nice and make you feel so comfortable. Even the owner’s a nice guy. It’s nice going to a place on your second visit and having them recognise you. It’s a different sort of feeling all together. As rare as it may be, sometimes I do believe that there’s still hope for us all. Somewhere.


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