I’m what you call a true blue beach bum. I love everything about the beach. From the sound of the waves right up to the sand on my feet. Let’s not forget about being sun kissed. That glowing tan (for everyone else)! I’m dark skinned, and when I tan, well, I’ll look ten shades darker than midnight, and you know what? That’s completely fine by me!

When I was younger, I hated it. I hated being dark and I blame my culture for it. Where I come from, most ads on TV featured whitening products. The whiter (fairer) you are, the better. What a load of *ahem*!

Now, I can’t wait to be sun-kissed again. The picture above was taken in Boracay, Philippines. And yes, #nofilter and #nophotoshop! Spent a week there with my girlfriends and what an amazing trip. Beautiful sky, gorgeous sea, white white sands, and exhilarating experience. However, the food? Utter rubbish. Overpriced, barely edible, horrible horrible food.

Boracay is definitely overly commercialised, but worth the experience. Would I go back? If I had a tree with money for leaves, sure!

This trip taught me many things. To learn and discover things I never knew, and to add a different perspective to an already familiar world.


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